I know it’s really been a very long time you heard from me or that i actually did put pen to paper. Am here now and hopefully will remain for as often as i can help it. So, before going further, i must tender my apologies for going incommunicado for the length of time as I did. I honestly do hope  to get things right and done better going into the new year.

Having said that, I must also so compliment of the season irrespective of your location. Once you can access this write up, I say a blessed festive season to you, your family and loved ones as well.



8 Tips For Healthy Eating

healthy-eating-photoIts one thing to eat something good, and it’s another thing entirely to eat that good thing in a right way. What many of us are after is eating balanced meal while forgetting that there are steps to take to achieve that. Yes, so many of us must have learn (from childhood) that we must try to make sure we have balanced diet each time we want to eat, but the BIG question is, how often do we have a balanced meal on our plates or better still, how easy is it to get what is right to eat.

Getting to eat balanced meals can be quite tasking and as such, we will be looking at steps everyone can take to ensure we are indeed eating right:

DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST: Some people skip breakfasting thinking it will help them lose weight (wonder where they got that from). In fact, research has shown and proven that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as such must not be skipped…no matter what! Reason being that our brains need food to function well after being put to rest all through the night. This does not mean taking in heavy meal in the morning as a simple light bowl of cereal will do just fine.

BASE YOUR MEALS ON STARCHY FOODS:  Starchy food such as rice, potatoes, bread, cereals and pasta are about the most regular foods available and they make up about one third of the food we eat each day. One major benefit of eating starchy foods is that it is rich in energy giving and as such, provide us with the much needed energy to carryout daily tasks.

EAT LOTS OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES: It’s recommended that we eat at least five portions of different types of fruits as well as vegetables each day. While this may sound absurd, it is medically true. For some, eating fruits on the go might be fun, but for some, having to eat that amount of fruit can be a turn off and so, if you happen to find yourself in this category, no cause for alarm, having a glass of unsweetened 100 percent furit juice counts as one and vegetables cooked into dishes also count. Continue reading “8 Tips For Healthy Eating”


Battle of Genders – Men vs. Women

Of Foxes and Hedgehogs

Which gender has the upper-hand? I’ve always been proud to be a man; to know I dont have to deal with pregnancy, periods, and everything else that comes along with being a woman just feels like I won out. But what woman doesn’t say the same? They love being women just like I love being a man. It seems to me that we all embrace our gender, and what comes with it, but when I tried to find out the real answer of which gender was better I was stunned at what I found…

It only took Google .43 seconds to produce me 3,710,000,000 results when I searched “what can men do that women can’t.” **Ahem,** again, that was… three billion, seven hundred ten million results in the same time it takes for a 100mph baseball thrown from a pitchers mound to reach the catchers glove.

At first I…

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Question: Would you marry for love, money or good looks?


There’s been this discussion my friends and I have been deliberating on lately. We’ve been talking about what the most vital ingredient of a relationship is – money, love or looks? Some of them chose money over looks while some preferred a good looking dude over money. The others chose to have a three (long throat babes)! Now to you; would you date a guy/babe for the money, love or strictly for looks?


Kim K speaks on her pregnancy experience


Here is what she said on Ellen show about her pregnancy and even though it was tough while she had Nori in her, she was glad she did.

“Nori  changes all the time. One day she’ll look like Kanye, one day she’ll look like me. It’s so crazy
The pregnancy, I wouldn’t really wish that upon anyone. Anyone,’It’s all worth it in the end, so I would definitely suffer through that, but pregnancy was not a good experience for me. At all.’My labour was easy, but just the whole pregnancy was so… I had a few medical issues, so it was really tough, and I gained a lot of weight.It was really hard mentally on me,”I think with all of the medical issues – I had Pre-eclampsia, which was really tough; I had to deliver early. But I wouldn’t take any of it back because I have the most adorable, sweetest baby in the world.” New images of Nori after the cut.

Continue to see adorable photos of baby Nori… Continue reading “Kim K speaks on her pregnancy experience”


Late night experience


Growing up as a child was one dreadful experience, having to know and live with a very hateful and bitter father, but thankfully, had a loving mother who in her loving way made things easier and much more bearable. Will bring you all the full gist on that as for now, I want to talk about a more recent experience in a place I call home.

Woke up yesterday feeling so fly that I took it upon it upon myself to look extra fly myself. I went through the day…first to work (a place where I have been working for over two years without any form of payment, but due to my love for the media world, I kept doing what I love doing for the TV house), and then to school much latter in the day (as am still a student…part-time version).

In all, I won’t say i didn’t have a great day cos right from the beginning of the day, I was in a fantastic mood, got to the office where people kept complimenting my looks (makeup, outfit, swagg and all other things *wink*), and not forgetting my grand entry to class. All in all, it was an epic moment from beginning till end. Did I just say end? That must be a mistake as the end just didn’t end well.

Got home late (as usually) only to meet my mom outside the house at about 10pm. According to her, she had a late family visitor and after seeing him off, came back home only to discover that my dad had locked her out. As unbelievable as it sounded, we both decided to wait for him to finish up his night devotion (cos there is this strict rule of not coming around or making a sound once he starts his prayers…he says it will scare off the holy spirit who is assumed to be present at the devotion).

The night saga started after their prayer, my younger brother came out to open the door only to be stopped by my dad who has made up his mind not to allow either of us into the house. Well, my mom but since I happen to be out also, I was also counted among those to sleep outside. Thinking it was a something that can be easily resolved, my brother went to talk, plead and even tried to reason with him to make him open the door…all of which fell on deaf ear. It got so bad and noisy at a point that my sister who somehow woke up at that time and came out to know what was happening, got immediately beaten up my the bitter man of the house who was looking for who to vet his angry (frustration’s more like the right word).

So noisy was the event that sleeping neighbors were woken up and each came to our apartment to know what was happening and on learning the situation of things, took to pleading with the bitter big man which as usual got nobody anywhere. Mind you, all this while, my dad was both exchanging words with my mom, stating his case to the gathered neighbors…and also taking his dinner. I just couldn’t help but give it to him, I mean he’s good. Doing all three activities with his mouth as the same time, mehn, that’s something. When all plead seem be be like water being poured on rock, I had to take my mom downstairs to a neighbor’s apartment to chill out while some neighbors kept pleading the “main man”.

It was not until after past midnight that we were told to come upstairs that “our man” has decided to open the door…after waking up the entire neighborhood and alerting them of a simple matter that could have be resolved quietly…even without we kids knowing.

As grateful as I was to be let back into my room…and bed, I woke up this morning feeling like someone going through a hangover. Either ways, am grateful though its really telling on my work performance and right now, am feeling soooo dizzy and feel like returning to my bed.